Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chad Ex-President Dictator Hissene Habre gets Life Sentence for killing 40000 and rapes

Every Third German wants EU Exit

Australia -Kangaroo seriously hits woman

Switzerland pays 200K Euros to refuse 10 Arab Refugees

45 Million People trapped as forced slaves

Romania - 77 Doctors Charged for taking Bribing from MNC Pharmaceuticals

Brazil - 2nd Minister resigns on tape leak

Ex- Miss Turkey Sentenced for Social Media posts against President Erdogan

ISIS Fundamentalists are gaining popularity in Tamilnadu

Germany - 3 Pakistani Men held as18 Women complaints sexual assaults in Music Festival

Centuries Old Stone Idols worth more than 50 Crores seized in Chennai from Smugglers


Fire destroys Army Ammunition depot in Maharashtra, kills 16 army man, 100 crore arms last

Crocodile Skin Handbag with Diamond coating sold for $3 Million in America

Goans Citizens getting Portuguese dual citizenship may be banned

ISIS Strikes back in Fallujah, Russian Air strikes in Syria kills 23 Civilians


Facebook & Twitter sign EU code to curb Hate chats

Dalai Lama - Too many Refugees, may become like Arab - Send back

Taliban kills 16 Passengers in bus and take 30 as hostage in Kunduz

Japan- 7 year old son left in Forest with bears by Parents

Monday, May 30, 2016

Women are more addicted to Smart Phone

Bangladesh - Bank Heist - Insider role ?

Tobacco Kills 150 People Per Hour

Kerala's Magical Pastor

American Indian Sherin John Shot 4 rounds and body cut to 6 pieces by Son Joy V.John

Coral Reefs gets Killed in Seas due to Bleaching

NewYork JFK Airport in chaos & average flight delay by 35 minutes

Notorious Donald Trump ideal as Chinese Presdent

Emergency Landing of Small Flight on Highway in Hungary Busapest

Pakistan court Notice to Lakhvi and other in Mumbai blasts 26/11

Turkery President- Family Planning Not for Muslims

Donald Trump on campaign as Republican Candidate

Iraq Forces Pusing ISIS From city of Fallujah

Britain PM Cameron challenged in EU Exit polls

Afghanistan- Harvest of Poppy (drug) bountiful

NIA Wants Dr.Sabeel Ahmed deported from Saudi Arabia for Terrorism

Insect in Tetrapack fruit Drink

Robert Vadra - reportedly Bought flat in London?

Indus Valley is 8000 years old says latest Scientific study

Closing Bars affect Tourism- Kerala to Study the impact

Wakf Board waiting for 400 crore compensation from Hyderabad Corporation

Google wins $9 billions against Oracle on Android Copyright