Monday, July 3, 2017

Britain Woman spots Dad in theft video, gets him arrested:

Teenager dobbed dad in to cops after seeing CCTV footage of him robbing an elderly woman’s home

WHEN she saw CCTV vision of her father robbing an elderly woman, a pregnant UK teen didn’t hesitate to turn him in. Now the grandpa-to-be is off to jail.
Staff writer with The Sun
A PREGNANT teenager has sent her own father to jail after spotting him and her aunt burgling a house in CCTV footage posted on Facebook.
Cora Patterson, 19, didn’t hesitate to turn dad Colin and aunt Janine over to police in the United Kingdom after the shock realisation it was them who stole sentimental belongings from a retired woman’s home.
The mum-to-be named the robbers on Facebook after seeing an appeal for information with surveillance footage of her family members breaking in to Marlene Stott’s house.
“There was CCTV footage of the burglars and immediately I recognised my dad and his sister, Janine,” she recalled.
Cora, who went to police shortly after, told The Sun newspaper that her dad had promised to turn his life around after discovering she was pregnant just a month before his crime.
“I found out I was pregnant in February and dad was over the moon. It was his first grandchild and he told me it would be a fresh start for him,” the devastated teen said.
“Less than a month later, I spotted him on CCTV burgling a family home. It breaks my heart that my baby will grow up without a grandad. Putting my own father in prison was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was the right thing to do.”
Cora’s dad was in and out of prison for petty crimes throughout her childhood, she said.
“My parents separated when I was little and dad wasn’t around much. But I still had a real soft spot for him, I suppose I always wished he would change.
“There were a few occasions when he took me to the cinema for a day out and I loved it. I stayed in touch with him because he was still my dad, and I always had the hope that he might come good.”
Cora discovered she was expecting her first baby in February this year — a first grandchild for her father.
“I phoned him and he was absolutely thrilled. He came round to congratulate me and he told me that the baby would be a new start for him and he wouldn’t let us down.”
But in March, the devastated teen came across a post on Facebook, appealing for help with a house burglary.
“I felt so angry and ashamed and I posted their names and details on Facebook. I was devastated and I felt so bad for the people whose home he had burgled. I felt at rock bottom.
“I sent my details to the homeowner and then I spoke to the police. Dad was arrested soon after.”
Instead of showing remorse, Colin sent his daughter a suicide note via text message — telling her not to feel guilty about his imminent death.
Cora said she was panic-stricken at first, worrying that he was going to take his own life because she had reported him.
“But then I realised he was just selfish and attention-seeking. I certainly wasn’t the one who should be feeling guilty.”
Colin and Janine Patterson appeared before Bolton Crown Court in Manchester’s northwest in June, where a judge praised Cora for her bravery.
Prosecutor David Lees told the court that a number of items were stolen, including jewellery that was given to Stott by her parents before they died for her 21st birthday and a swimming medal that belonged to her mother.
Judge Timothy Stead said it was always commendable when a member of the public assists the police, but especially when it is members of their own family.
“It does take some serious courage to do that. As far as I’m concerned, she (Cora Patterson) should be commended,” he said.
The court heard how Colin had 34 previous convictions for burglary.
Cora’s dad was sentenced to four years in prison and Janine Patterson to 30 months in prison for this offence and six months in prison for a previous crime for which she was serving a suspended sentence.
”Dad has let me down once too often. He doesn’t deserve to be in my baby’s life at all,” Cora said.

Woman spots dad in theft video, gets him arrested:

A man was arrested for burglary after his 19-year-old daughter recognised his face in a CCTV video appeal. Cora Patterson from Bolton, came across a video on Facebook that asked for help in identifying two people who burgled a house in which jewellery and a swimming medal went missing.Patterson recognised the two people in the video to be her father Colin and his sister ­ her aunt ­ Janine. Patterson spoke to the homeowner and then the police. Later the duo were arrested.

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