Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Russians Must First Present Passport, Social Media Accounts to Watch Porn

By Savannah Smith , The Goldwater · 07-11-2017

Photo credit: Andrey Zameltov | Dreamstime.com
Most porn-watching people- hopefully adults- would of course wish to do their adult video-viewing in utmost privacy. But if you happen to be Russian and wish to watch porn, you be better be ready with your passport, your mobile phone and social media accounts before you can watch smut from a popular source.
Adult video website PornHub now requires Russian users to log in social media using social media accounts linked to their passports and cellphones. Such rule was launched on Monday, and marks the latest chapter in a continuing fight between Russia and PronHub. Russia banned the adult video site last year.
PornHub was reinstated in April, and it also came out with a documentary hitting Russian officials. The film was made by anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny, which caused uproar in the Russian government. It is not clear now whether or not the latest required security policy of forcing users to log in using social networking site VKontante is linked to the documentary of Navalny.
PornHub made the announcement also on VKontante:” Now you can simply log in through your favorite social network instead of submitting your date of birth.”
The new policy may mean it would be easier to log in to the site, but that would also give the Russian government access to survey who are using the site.
In Russia, opening a VKontakte account entails users entering their mobile numbers, and before they could legally buy a SIM card in Russia, customers are required to present their passports.
PornHub says the Russian government did not require them to implement the new security method, but they feel it is the best ways for their users to comply with Russian access laws. They also said: “PornHub does not log or store any of your personal information, this is just a check to see if users are over 18. On VKontakte’s end, all they will see is to see the request from that user, they will not know what the user browsed on PornHub.”
Russia blocked the world’s largest porn site PornHub and YouPorn in September during a statewide crackdown on internet pornography, saying that such sites spread information that are damaging to the development of children.
Navalny’s documentary “ Russian Corrupted Politician F** Hard” by PornHub was uploaded to the adult video site after a Russian court ordered him to stop the film’s distribution. The documentary alleged corruption among top Russian officials including Prime Minister Dmitry medvedev, claiming he used fronts to control luxury assets in Russia and abroad.

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