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American Christian Pharma threatens Indian doctors not looting Patients

FROM: 14-7-2017

Divya Sathyaraj Nutritionist

Daughter of a Thamizhan


To: Our Honorable Prime Minister of India.

Subject: Has money overtaken humanity??
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Respected Sir,

Thank you for giving us a platform for expressing ourselves. Medicine should be responsible for saving lives and empowering health, but it is unfortunately turning into an ugly monster. I am a Nutritionist from Tamil Nadu. A few weeks ago, pharmaceutical manufacturers from the US met me at my clinic and tried to convince me to prescribe their multivitamin, weight gainer and fat burner to my patients. After going through the list of ingredients, I discovered that their supplements had harmful ingredients and steroids which could lead to health problems like hypervitaminosis, blurred vision and liver malfunction in the long run.When I refused to prescribe their supplements they first tried to bribe me and when that didn't work, they threatened me stating that they are staying at a minister's residence in India and are very well connected politically . The foreigners also claimed that Indian doctors do not care about scientific validity and several therapists in India were willing to prescribe their supplements. At this point, I asked them to leave as no one should have the audacity to come to our country to market their products and then criticize us and speak of Indian doctors with such disrespect. Indian doctors are among the most respected in the world and med ical breakthrough in India is helping tons of patients .They raised their voices and spoke about their political connections again and left my clinic which I took to be a threat for not doing as they wanted, and had likely expected me to. I have sent you an attachment of the ingredient list and product details.Sir, there are NGOs and organizations that help people of every persuasion when they are in need. Unfortunately there is no strong network that protects people from medical negligence. As a therapist I feel there is a larger issue here, as nothing is more important than human life. Who will protect our people from unapproved and dangerous medicines that come into India? Who will protect the middle class man when he is made to do blood tests, MRI and scans when it is not necessary? Why should a poor girl from Madurai continue to remain in the hospital even after she had completely recovered??? Why is there a delay in diagnosis and inadequate communication??Why should patients be treated like revenue generating machines? Why is it that an intelligent student does not get admission in a medical college because he cannot pay fifty lakhs? How will our country have intelligent and ethical doctors who are not materialistic if admissions are based on money and not merit???Has money overtaken humanity?

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This is outrageous, collectively we need to stop these egregious guys in their tracks. A significant number of the supplement companies sell dubious products and prey on the unsuspecting public. I am... Read MoreSeshagiri V

Why should our students work hard and go through the stress and anxiety of writing new tests and exams like NEET if the education system is going to be riddled with corruption? The excitement of becoming a doctor is killed by the unfair admission process and incompetent evaluation techniques.Sir, this is a vicious circle, I don't think any NGO or organization by itself can solve this crisis. You have been an out standing leader who has done a lot to boost the welfare of your people. I request you to please instruct the concerned authorities to ensure that unapproved and inferior medicines do not enter our country. We desperately need a more transparent and ethical health care system along with stringent penalties for medical malpractice. I believe it is important to create a nation where the common man does not feel threatened to enter a hospital...India should be a country where every parent is able to get safe and riskfree medication for their children and every daughter should feel confident when she is taking her parents to a hospital for a master health checkup. Thank you for your time and patience, I sincerely hope you will address the issues I have mentioned in this letter.

Yours sincerely Divya Sathyaraj Nutritionist

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