Three women have been forced to walk through a city centre completely naked after they were accused of being thieves .
The shocking incident took place one night in Huatabampo, a city in north-western Mexico.
Several images showing the three naked women wearing nothing but their socks are being widely shared among locals on social media.
The trio can be seen covering their breasts and genitals with their hands and witnesses reportedly at the scene said they were being escorted by men on motorbikes.

The women were seen covering their breasts as they made the walk

The pictures were taken in the city centre by passers-by and, according to online news portals, the women were forced to walk naked over an alleged mugging.
Local authorities are currently investigating the case and little else about the incident has been reported.
City Mayor Heliodoro Soto told a local media outlet: "Apparently this was a conflict started by young women who do not work in a legal line of work and who robbed other people who also do illegal things.

"There have been no complaints about this. These women preferred to take shelter within their families and we understand the pain and shame they are feeling, but it is important for authorities to have written complaints so they can exact justice."
Heliodoro Soto requested for anyone with information to approach authorities.
The three women involved and the people who were reportedly punishing them have not yet been identified.