Number     Killed   Cumulative  Total
Lot's wife for looking backGen.19:26BT11
Er who was "wicked in the sight of the Lord"Gen.38:7BT12
Onan for spilling his seedGen.38:10,
For dancing naked around Aaron's golden calfEx.32:27-28, 35BT30003003
Aaron's sons for offering strange fire before the LordLev.10:1-3,
A blasphemerLev.24:10-23BT13006
A man who picked up sticks on the SabbathNum.15:32-36BT13007
Korah, Dathan, and Abiram (and their families)Num.16:27BT12+3019+
Burned to death for offering incenseNum.16:35,
For complainingNum.16:49BT14,70017,969+
For "committing whoredom with the daughters of Moab"Num.25:9BT24,00041,969+
Midianite massacre (32,000 virgins were kept alive)Num.31:1-35BT90,000+131,969+
God tells Joshua to stone to death Achan (and his family) for taking the accursed thing.Joshua 7:10-1224-26BT5+131,974+
God tells Joshua to attack Ai and do what he did to Jericho (kill everyone).Joshua 8:1-25BT12,000143,974+
God delivered Canaanites and PerizzitesJudges 1:4BT10,000153,974+
Ehud delivers a message from God: a knife into the king's bellyJg.3:15-22BT1153,975+
God delivered MoabitesJg.3:28-29BT10,000163,975+
God forces Midianite soldiers to kill each other.Jg.7:2-228:10BT120,000283,975+
The Spirit of the Lord comes on SamsonJg.14:19BT30284,005+
The Spirit of the Lord comes mightily on SamsonJg.15:14-15BT1000285,005+
Samson's God-assisted act of terrorismJg.16:27-30BT3000288,005+
"The Lord smote Benjamin"Jg.20:35-37BT25,100313,105+
More BenjamitesJg.20:44-4625,000338,105+
For looking into the ark of the Lord1 Sam.6:1950,070388,175+
God delivered Philistines1 Sam.14:1220388,195+
Samuel (at God's command) hacks Agag to death1 Sam.15:32-331388,196+
"The Lord smote Nabal."1 Sam.25:381388,197+
Uzzah for trying to keep the ark from falling2 Sam.6:6-71 Chr.13:9-101388,198+
David and Bathsheba's baby boy2 Sam.12:14-181388,199+
Seven sons of Saul hung up before the Lord2 Sam.21:6-97388,206+
From plague as punishment for David's census (men only; probably 200,000 if including women and children)2 Sam.24:131 Chr.21:770,000+458,206+
A prophet for believing another prophet's lie1 Kg.13:1-241458,207+
God delivers the Syrians into the Israelites' hands1 Kg.20:28-29100,000558,207+
God makes a wall fall on Syrian soldiers1 Kg.20:3027,000585,207+
God sent a lion to eat a man for not killing a prophet1 Kg.20:35-361585,208+
Ahaziah is killed for talking to the wrong god.2 Kg.1:2-4, 172 Chr.22:7-91585,209+
Burned to death by God2 Kg.1:9-12102585,311+
God sends two bears to kill children for making fun of Elisha's bald head2 Kg.2:23-2442585,343+
Trampled to death for disbelieving Elijah2 Kg.7:17-201585,344+
Jezebel2 Kg.9:33-371585,355+
God sent lions to kill "some" foreigners2 Kg.17:25-263+585,358+
Sleeping Assyrian soldiers2 Kg.19:352 Chr.32:21,Is.37:36185,000770,358+
Saul1 Chr.10:141770,359+
God delivers Israel into the hands of Judah2 Chr.13:15-17500,0001,270,359+
Jeroboam2 Chr.13:2011,270,360+
"The Lord smote the Ethiopians."2 Chr.14:9-141,000,0002,270,360+
God kills Jehoram by making his bowels fall out2 Chr.21:14-1912,270,361+
Ezekiel's wifeEzek.24:15-1812,270,362+
Ananias and SapphiraActs 5:1-1022,270,364+
HerodActs 12:23BT12,270,365+