Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dogs being smuggled into India in suitcases from EUROPE

Jul 31 2017 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Dogs being smuggled into country in suitcases
New Delhi:

Next time you land at IGI from an eastern European destination or Russia, don't panic if your checked-in luggage takes a long time to arrive.Customs authorities may be scanning your bags for any signs of dogs tucked away in suitcases. Cases have emerged of passengers trying to smuggle in dogs stuffed in suitcases. “The dogs are sedated or stunned and put in bags,“ said a source. They are sometimes stuf fed in between clothes and other items to mask them during scanning.
“The animal goes through a lot of suffering. It is really painful to see them stuffed in bags,“ said the source.

Last year, customs authorities managed to intercept several passengers trying to smuggle in pregnant dogs in a similar fashion. “These are some exotic breeds and they are sold in the local markets at a premium,“ said the source.
One flyer was detained af ter a dog was found stuffed in her handbag. Authorities had hoped the practice would stop but it has resumed this year with the detection of new cases.
“We keep a close watch on flights from Russia and those flights which arrive from eastern Europe,“ said the source.He said organized syndicates were at work but the customs authorities have been able to thwart their efforts. Customs sources said efforts are made to smug gle in several other breeds for “dog fights“, which are popular in parts of Punjab and in some farm houses in the capital.
They said that investigations are on, involving various agencies to establish the trail.

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