Thursday, May 4, 2017

Answering Mr.Vishal Mangalwadi a Christian Zealot.

Mr.Vishal Mangalwadi (VM) is an acquaintance through  Facebook through another Friend. He is said to be an Indian, and Blind Superstitious Zealot follower of Christianity with very good connections Overseas and written many books as per his web claims.

Taking a tale from Bible New Testament Gospel from Luke- VM Posted a FB post
Karuppaiahji a friend from Trichy responded- as some thing similar
Matthew's Tales Joseph Son of Jacob was Living in Bethlehem only- So Dirt Floor no required;
Luke's Tale Joseph Son of Eli was from Nazereth - so this Fable has Manger and Dirt floor.
AND THE ZEOLOT in VM and his friends commented on the discussion went on, not only on this post but also other posts- which any Facebook visitor can go and read. Few common friends commented in favour and VM threw a Challenge - that his book must be commented upon and offered to give it.
Vishal Mangalwadi sent his book a Real Heap of Lies proving that Any Person who does not apply mind and blindly follwos Bible becomes like what he is.
HEBREW Bible Tales were made for POLITICAL Advantage totally fabricated stories as Archaeology has proved that NEVER was JUDEA & ISRAEL was a Civilised Country of size.
Vishal Mangalwadi Proves himself a TRUE Lier(Christian) - Lies about Tales of Biblical Fictions as Holy in the One side and other Side BLINDLY Talking NONSENSE against India.

India was the Richest Country in the World, Education, Technology, Industry, Linguistics and God- which was All Spoiled by Mercenary Missionaries. He hides all these and Repeats Lies.

BIBLE Has no revealtion of any god but true Fiction as per Director - Archaeology of Israel.

Abraham tales are Fictions, Hebrews never lived in Egypt, Judea was very little occupied till BCE 720 or so -there was no Jerusalem City - it was a Village of 6 Acres with around 200 - 300 families.

Chosen Land - Chosen People and Chosen King(Christ) are all Political Facsits tales .

BIBLE Was the TOOL which h killed Native Americans.

Britain, Portugese, Spain LOOTED THE WORLD Using Bible as the tool.

The Biblical Ethics are ubsurd
- the Biblical Tale god glorifies Brother - Sister Clan of Abraham.
- the Biblical Tale god glorifies Polygamy- Jacob various wifes and Sons are Called Tribes means that is approved.
- the Biblical Tale god glorifies Father in Law - Daughter in Law realtionship when Judah - Tamer are said to be ancestor of Jesus another RACIST.
- the Biblical Tale god glorifies King Raping another man's wife and then kill that husbband. David - Solomon Tales.

Morality of Christian Bishops and Pastors in India and world over needs no explanation- In South India alone atleast more than 250 cases reported over a Decade.

The British rule- headed by Chair of Church of England- Anglican Church Looted India to the Tune of Rs.3 Trillion$ (in today's value) equivalent of 195Lakh Crores. Instead of Praising a HEAP -BIBLE - let Mangalwadi try to get that back to India.

I shall open a separate blog shortly to expose VISHAL MANGALWADI who uses every page in his book to Unjustly say lies as much as he can, making a book Bible which has No INTRINSIC Worth in embellished terms which are all total Lie.

Mr.VISHAL MANGALWADI does not believe in God but LIES - "The Bible" - I being the believer of God the creator of World - pray for his health and wealth.
TRUTH is ultimate and we would expose him as he requested.

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