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Christian Fraud - Pattanam Excavations- ASI said it was first Occupied only in 8th Century

KERALA CHURCH STARTED FRAUD WITH MARXISTS led KERALA Council of Historic Research KCHR & International Christian university scholars made a mockery of Archaeology.

Ports and Indian Ocean Exchanges

Dr R Tomber (British Museum, London, UK) & Prof PJ Cherian (Kerala Council for Historical Research, Trivandrum, India)

Group members

  • Dr Shinu Abraham (St Lawrence University, USA)
  • Dr Lucy Blue (Southampton University, UK)
  • Prof Robin Coningham (Durham University, UK)
  • Dr Federico De Romanis (Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy)
  • Dr Derek Kennet (Durham University, UK)
  • Dr Raghava Varier (Arya Vaidyasala Kottackal, Kerala, India)
  • Dr K Rajan (Pondicherry University, India)
  • Dr Steven Sidebotham (Delaware University, USA)
  • Dr V Selvakumar (Tamil University, Tanjore, India)
  • Dr Heidrun Schenk ((Tissamaharama-Projek des Deutschen Archäologischen Institut, Bonn, Germany)
  • Dr KP Shajan (UK)
  • Dr Y Subrayalu (Institut Français de Pondichéry, India)
  • Dr Kesavan Veluthat (Mangalore University)

Archaeologist Ravishankar exposes all the frauds in his book released highly respected KERALA HISTORIAN -M.G.S.Narayanan(Former Chairman -Indian History Council)

Prof MGS Narayanan releases B.S.Harishankar's book on March 17 at Kozhikkode exposing KCHR and Pattanam excavations.

During 2nd release in Kochi by Nalanda University Vice Chancellor 

National Archaeological Meet-Prof MGS Asks KCHR to Hand Over Pattanam to ASI---P.J.Cherian Vehemently Criticized by Leading Archaeologists


P.J.Cherian and Pattanam -The Integrity of excavations questioned by Indian Archaeologists at three day national conference at Thiruvananthapuram
BIBILICAL Archaeology fell flat and today NO University or Historian of repute accept BIBLE has any Historic Value.
Hebrews never Lived in Egypt, Hebrews or CANANNITE NOMADS, Civilised during Greek and Roman Periods.
ISRAEL & JUDEA Was never a Country of any meaningful size during entire Old Testament tales.
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ASI Excavated Kodungallur in 1947, under P.Anujan Achan  and found articles of 14th century CE or later only.
Dr.K.V.Raman World Renowned Archaeologist in his book about the same Further to the pressure from various quarters Archaeological Survey of India under Highly Reputed Archaeologists Dr.K.V.Raman went for excavation , K.V.Raman and K.V.Saundararajan (1969-70).

Archaeological sites such as  Cheraman Parambu Thiruvanchikulam  Karuppadanna  Mathilakam  Kilatali   Thrikkulasekharapuram etc.,  provided cultural remains of iron and copper tools, glass beads, semi precious stones, ceramics of dull red ware, celadon ware roof tiles, earthen lamps and coins. They are all dated between 900-1100 A.D.. ASI conducted detailed Researches in and around Kodungallore by Prof.Dr.Raman and Mr. K.V.Saundararajan, they went in for detailed research and found only the remains from 9th -10th century only, and Virgin Soil without Human habitation by 9th Century

 Dr.K.V.Raman wrote a book on his excavations and has given detais of each of his locations and all locations in and around Kodungallore (Cranganore) had same type and that Human Habitaion took place in Later chera period in 9th Century CE Only.

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