Monday, May 1, 2017

Christian who Raped a 89 Year old Widow at Gun point Sentenced to 100 Years - America

Bible Tale tells that Chaldean Abraham who migrated to Canaan  went to Egypty and Gerar and the King and People there were attracted by his Wife cum Step Sister Sarah.
The Agony is Sarah was 70 years old in Egypt and 90 Years old during Gerar tale.

CHALDEA Did not exist in that name atleast 1000 years later than Abraham and 600 years after Moses.
GERAR As per Archaeology was not populated to call even a TOWN till 8th Century BCE.

Lord Yahweh - if as per Tales blessed Abraham-Sarah- Brother Sister marriage and clan then Glorifies INCEST.

King David Raped Bathsheba wife of Soldier Uria and killed him. David- Bethsheba son is King Solomon of Bible Tales. IF DAVID is GLORIFIED "LORD YAHWEH" promotes INCEST

King David had atleast raped another Two married women

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