Saturday, July 15, 2017

Christian Genocide on black natives continuing in America for 525 years

When it comes to racism
#WhiteWomenAreNotYourFriends male, or as whites call him in the headlines "Ex-Prisoner" hops off the bus on his way to a job interview to save the life of a white man. Now the article doesn't identify the victim of the crash as "white", but trust me, he is
becuase there is no way that this "Ex-Prisoner's" gofundme, started by a white guy (trust me he's white too) would reach $20,000 in one day for saving a nigga.
Now if it were me, 😁 I probably would too hopped off that bus to save a life. However, if I hopped off and saw that the man was "white" would have said, "hold on white people are coming", and yell "hold that bus!" Now some may read and say, "you wrong, he did a good thing, and look, he got job offers and $20,000 for doing so". My reply would have been "well, what is greater? Job offers and $20,000, or the death of a suspected racist that helps in the maintaining of white supremacy?" How does he or you know whether or not he saved the life of a racist? How does he or you know that he saves the life of a racist who could have been working on a plan, program, virus, law..etc that further helps destroy the life of black people? You don't, and for that reason, I don't help white people".

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