Sunday, July 30, 2017

Facebook Employee lives in Car as Salary not adequate to pay rent in Silicon Valley

Jul 31 2017 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Why an FB employee is living out of a car
San Francisco:

Unable to afford an apartment in Silicon Valley , a contractor working for Facebook is being forced to live out of her car. Parsha is already burdened with student loans and medical bills, media reports said. “I tell people all the time, stop looking at what somebody got and what you see on the outside,“ Parsha said.According to local media, the average asking rent for a one-bedroom apartment in northern California neighbourhood is over $2,300 a month -which Parsha, who has two children, cannot afford. So she lives in a car and has not yet divulged to her co-workers about her condition, fearing she may be looked down upon. But now she plans to make her living condition public, hoping to stir a debate about the high rents in the area. “I think that companies need to look at the salaries, are we paying employees enough to survive?“ When asked about Parsha's living conditions, Facebook said that Parsha was not a direct employee, but worked for a third-party contractor affiliated with the company. The firm's representative said FB strives to create an equitable work environment for its employees, including contractors.
Parsha said she has begun looking for a second job in order to help pay the bills.

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