Monday, July 3, 2017

Resurrection of Baby on Burial - true Christ?

Jul 04 2017 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Baby survives burial; couple calls it gift of god

Children playing near a burial ground in a village in MP's Barwani were spooked by whimpers coming from under the soil on Monday morning, and ran to a nearby house in fear. The couple who lives there rushed to the spot, dug with their bare hands and scooped up a little miracle -a baby boy .No one can explain how the newborn survived being buried alive. Since the villagers would have spotted anyone digging around in the graveyard in the morning, police believe the baby was buried the previous night or in the wee hours of Monday , which makes its survival even more amazing.
The saviour couple -Sher Singh and Sunita -is camp ing out at the hospital where the baby is being treated, determined to adopt it. They truly believe it's a gift from God and that their prayers for a boy after having three daughters have been answered. “I have breastfed the baby and there is no way I am leaving him,“ Sunita told reporters. The couple hasn't budged from in front of the Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) at Barwani district hospital.
The village, Ghusgaon, is about 145km south of Indore and 50km from the district HQ.Sunita and her husband said when the kids ran to them to say they heard eerie cries from under the soil, they instantly realised it was a baby. “We ran there and started digging in frenzy. Every second was precious,“ they said. They found the boy swaddled in a bedsheet and covered in dirt, Nagalwadi police station officer H S Rawat told TOI. “Dirt had got into the baby's mouth and eyes. They cleaned it up,“ said Rawat.
The tribal couple wanted to keep the boy , to which the entire village agreed. But the elders told them that legal procedures have to be followed, following which police were informed. The cops took the baby to hospital, and the couple went along. They followed the police vehicle first to Ojhar public health centre, then the Julwaniya PHC and finally the Barwani district hospital.Sher Singh and his wife told police that they will bear the medical expenses and they want to adopt the boy .
Barwani's chief medical officer Dr Rajni Dabar told TOI that the boy was 10-12 days old and weighed 2kg.

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