Thursday, May 11, 2017

American Racism and Xenophobia to affect USA Universities Financially

May 12 2017 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Anti-immigrant rhetoric to hit US univs financially

Some of the popular US universities may be hit by “Trump effect“ --the anti immigrant rhetoric that is building in the country .

According to DrEducation, a US-based research and consulting firm specialising in international student trends, just a 5% decline in the number of international students for the year 2017-18 could dent the revenue of the US universities by $249.30 million (on current education cost). And a decline of 10 % could cost them $498.60 million.
Institutions that have benefited from the rising demand from key countries like China, India and Saudi Arabia will be the first to lose in the possible decline in international student enrollment for 2017-18. Based on its analysis, the consulting firm is apprehending serious implications on the financial sustainability of the universities even if the decline is just 5%.
“The financial impact indicates that institutions must move towards more informed strategies rather than mere reacting to the external changes,“ said Dr Rahul Choudaha, CEO, DrEducation.
In an exclusive conversation with TOI recently , Phil Baty , editor of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, said that with Brexit and the US President Donald Trump sending “negative messages“ about two of the biggest destinations of international education, opportunities are ripe for students to explore equally good but less expensive options.
“Canada is cheaper and is more liberal with visas. German universities are now doing very well. Dutch universities are really strong. French higher education establishments outside the main framework of the French university system are offering masters in English now.It will be Britain and America's loss to see fewer Indian and international students, who are the life blood of a great university ,“ said Baty.

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