Friday, June 16, 2017

Stop eating any food from Muslims or Christians - see Video

Archaeology of Egypt, Syria and Israel has proved beyond doubt tthat Hebrews were never in Egypt and Cannanites were Jews.
That is there was no Abraham - Moses at all - All Man made fictional tales.
Archaeology has also proved that Israel and Judea was hilly terrain and Population was very little to have any country in that region - Judea and Israel in Bible Story book are made up Tales.
DAVID & Solomon are at best Bandits.
Yahweh or Allah are man made gods and as per researchers Moon God

Bible tales make Jerusalem alone as Yahweh's place and Islam makes Mecca as its only Holiest place. These are worst form of Idolatry and they make huge Tourist money from Mecca and Jerusalem
See nonsense a Guru going to Ramadan and wearing skull cap, ask the Godless book believers Muslim or Christian to take Food given to the Creator God's altar

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