Friday, June 30, 2017

Kerala MLA P C George abuses, threatens workers with gun

Jun 30 2017 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Kerala MLA abuses, threatens workers with gun

Firebrand Poonjar MLA P C George, notorious for shooting his mouth off at the slightest provocation, pulled out a foreign-made pistol on Thursday and threatened to shoot a bunch of protesting workers.An unrepentant George further said he was brandishing a licensed weapon and wouldn't have hesitated to use it if it had come to that.
George had come to Harrisons Malayalam estate in Vellanadi in Mundakkayam to settle a dispute between estate workers and a group of families living on unclaimed purambokku land between the estate and Manimala river.
The workers had removed a water tank erected by the 50 or so SCST families who have been staying on the border of the estate for years leading to a tense situation.
George arrived to take up cudgels on behalf of the colony residents at around noon and in his usual blustering style told the women in the colony to throw acid on the workers if they dared trouble them again.
The estate workers present at the scene got furious on hearing this and started abusing George.He gave back in good measure but as things began to take an ugly turn he took out his Czechoslovakianmade pistol and threatened the workers.
Some union leaders quickly intervened and peace was restored. George shortly left the spot in his car.
Later, George told TOI that he was abused badly by the estate workers whom he described as “goons“. “There were around 20 of them, half of them drunk. There was nobody with me. They started abusing me very badly and I abused them back,“ he said. “To provoke me they shouted that I was not afraid as I was carrying a pistol. Hearing this I took out my pistol and shouted yes I have it, he said.
The estate has remained shut for a few years following a court order, though some workers still live there. The Kanjirappaly CI said that if police receive a complaint on the incident nothing prevents them from registering an FIR. However, an arrest and further action can only be done with the permission of the assembly speaker since George is an MLA. George is among the 1,507 gun licence holders in Kottayam. Incidentally , during a small exchange on the occasion, George had advised caution.“Each of us is likely to lose our temper. So be careful with a gun,“ he said. Apart from the pistol, George also possesses a 12-bore gun.

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