Thursday, June 22, 2017

Traffic violators could lose licence for 6 mths

Jun 23 2017 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Traffic violators could lose licence for 6 mths

Driving Drunk, Or While Using Phone In TN Will Attract Penalty
The government has decided to throw the kitchen sink at traffic violations in Tamil Nadu, which consistently accounts for the largest number of fatal road accidents in the country , by suspending the licences of offenders for up to six months.Overspeeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, jumping traffic signals, and using mobile phones while driving or riding, overloading vehicles and carrying loads above the prescribed limit in goods carriages will all attract the penalty.
The government has issu ed a circular to this effect to the state police and transport department officials, instructing them to take strict action against offenders.
The stringent punitive measure will come into immediate effect.
There were 17,212 fatal road accidents -or close to 50 deaths a day -in Tamil Nadu in 2016, up by 10% from 15,636 in 2015, according to a report in April by the Supreme Court Committee on Ro ad Safety . Tamil Nadu had in 2016 and the three years prior to that accounted for between 10% and 11% of road accident deaths nationwide.
The state government decided to take drastic action against violators of traffic rules after a recent consultative meeting of the State Road Safety Council, chaired by transport minister M R Vijayabhaskar. “We will follow the instructions in the circular,“ an RTO official said. “RTO regulations require us to seek an explanation from violators and inform them about the action we will take.Whether they respond or not, we will take a decision on whether to suspend the licences.“
The transport department has advised motorists to carry their original driving licences with them, he said.
The move to impose tough penalty for traffic violations is in line with the State Road Safety Council's decision to implement the recommendations of Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety . An official said the committee reviews statistics on road accidents across the country and issues guidelines.

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