Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wife castrates husband for early morning sex


Tamil Nadu: Wife castrates husband for forcing early-morning sex

By B Anbuselvan  |  Express News Service  |   Published: 21st July 2017 12:59 AM  |  
Last Updated: 21st July 2017 08:28 AM  |   A+A-   |  
VELLORE: Frustrated with her husband’s repeated demand for sex early in the morning, a 30-year-old woman on Thursday took matters into her hands and chopped off his testicles. The couple, who were separated for a year, got together two months ago and the woman suspected her husband had illicit relationships with several women when she was away, according to the police.
Around 3.30 am, when the man tried to have sex with his wife, she resisted and an argument ensued, with her asking what he was up to while they were separated. As the argument intensified, he allegedly tried to rape her.
The woman then ran to the kitchen and returned with a knife. When her husband approached her again, she chopped off his testicles saying that he should never have sex again, said Gudiaytham Sub Inspector J Krishnamurthi, quoting the man.
On hearing the man screaming, a neighbour rushed to the house and took him to the Gudiyatham Government Hospital, from where he was shifted to the Government Vellore Medical College hospital.

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