Sunday, November 1, 2015

Al-Queda goes Biblical Church way. Bans And Kill Publishers.

Galileo was arrested Jailed till death for saying that the Earth is moving around Sun and not as per Bible- Sun is moving around Earth.

Bertrand Russell Was P.revented from teaching in usa

Roman Church - Vatican maintains Index Librorum Prohibitorum for stopping books. 
Constanzo Beschi known as Vīramāmunivar (Tamilவீரமாமுனிவர்) has reportedly burnt the books by  Siva Prakasa Swamigal - Tamil ( துறைமங்கலம் சிவப்பிரகாசர், book called ஏசுமத நிராகரணம், we do not have copy but only few songs quoted in some other book.

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility of fatal attack on two secular publishers in Bangladesh; threatens to kill more

USA Church wants Creation to be the Curriculam for Children

Controversial Texas textbooks headed to classrooms

Church does not kill today under Scanner, but still spreads falsehood and attack those who go for truth.
 IS & Queda kills, Both wants Myth from Israel in their way must be accepted, even when Archaeology proved entire Bible is fiction.

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