Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mr.Aamir Khan -Please talk Truth.

Pakisthan had 15% of its population as Hindus in 1947.

Today it stands at 1.6%.  This is Toerance.


Bangladesh had 20% Hindus in 1971 and today it is less than 8%

Mr. Aamir khan, Quran tells most of the stories just as in Bible Old Testament. Entire Old Testament is proved fiction by Archaeology and was all made up in 275 BCE to 100CE.
Abraham, Moses all fiction. No Jews in EGYPT. 
No Exodus.
No David and No Solomon - There was No Judea towns at that time. 
Man made Quran repeats all stories from Torah and you are shameless to say

Aamir Hussain Khan hails from a typically staunch, conservative and orthodox Muslim family originating from the Khan clan of Peshawar. Belonging to the Shia clan he has never hidden the fact that right from childhood he was quite liberal minded and moreover a rebel person at heart.

Freedom of Speech is not allowed in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh or Pakisthan.

You can make movie against the faith of 100 crore people and make money.

Can you do it any Islamic country? when Science has proved Islam is a copy cat of a Fraud bible, still no body can tell truth.

India  has more than 14 Crore Muslims and 3 Crore Christians.

Well You prove you are a true Muslim, but not a True Human

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