Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pakistan demand for Martyrdom to Killer Qadri

Mar 29 2016 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Protesters demand martyr status for Qadri, Sharia in Pak

Hundreds of Sunni Tehreek protesters spearheading support for Mumtaz Qadri, a police guard hanged for assassinating Punjab governor Salman Ta seer, on Monday demanded sharia law in Pakistan and declaration of Qadri as a na tional martyr. Qadri had pumped 27 bullets into Taseer in January 2011 in Islamabad for his liberal views and chal lenging the country's contro versial blasphemy laws. The Tehreek's demands in cluded conversion of Qadri's jail cell into a national heritage site, the execution of blasphemy accused Aasia Bibi in whose support Taseer had stood, guaranteeing that the blasphemy laws will not be amended, and the removal of Ahmadis and other non-Mus lims who have occupied key government positions.Tehreek is a Pakistani Barelvi religio-political organisation founded in 1990 to promote the interests of the Barelvi sect, which is in conflict with the Deobandi and Ahl alHadith movements. Their other demand is unconditional release of all imprisoned Tehreek members booked under terrorism charges. The protests were called on Sunday to commemorate the 40th day of mourning of Qadri's execution, with the agitators an nouncing they would stay put in the capital's red zone unless their demands are met.
Human Rights organisations have long questioned the existence of Pakistan's blasphemy laws for its misuse, including settling personal scores. On Sunday , a Pakistani singer-turned-religious preacher, Junaid Jamshed, was attacked by Qadri supporters at Islamabad airport for his alleged blasphemous remarks against Prophet Muhammad's wife in a preaching session. In Pakistan's constitution, a blas phemy-convict is awarded the death sentence.
On Monday , all routes leading to Islamabad's red zone were closed to avoid any possible eruption of violence. Cellular services also remained suspended in capital and adjoining areas. The protest was partially covered by Pakistani electronic media due to stern directions by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority in a bid to prevent unrest from spreading to other parts of the country.
A Pak-origin trader killed in London over `my beloved Christian nation' post
A Pakistani-origin shopkeeper in the UK was killed by another Muslim in a “religiously prejudiced“ attack hours after he posted an Easter message on Facebook to “my beloved Christian nation“. Asad Shah, 40, who belonged to the Ahmadiyya community of Rabwah in Pakistan, was stabbed 30 times and had his head stamped on during a savage attack at his store in Glasgow last Thursday, British media reported on Monday. PTI

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