Monday, November 27, 2017

Burial Rites - Malankara And Jacobite church fight- High court orders Burial without ceremonies

HC order puts an end to burial row

The Kerala High Court on Thursday ordered that the body of a person who owed allegiance to the Patriarch faction of the Malankara Church shall be buried in the cemetery of Kadeesa Church, Kayamkulam, without any ceremony.
The relatives of Philipose of Kayamkulam had moved the court seeking his burial in the church cemetery.
Petitioners’ contention
The petitioners contended that they had every right to perform the customary rights related to the burial of the body.
They also contended that the body could be buried in accordance with the customary rights conducted by the Malankara Church.
It was due to the factional fight that the body could not be buried in the cemetery.
No ceremonies
Allowing the burial, the single judge ordered that the Patriarch faction shall not be allowed to conduct any ceremony in accordance with their faith in the cemetery.
The court ordered that an advocate commissioner shall supervise the burial proceedings. The relatives of the deceased were also directed to pay Rs. 15,000 to the advocate commissioner.
The court further ordered that not more than 25 people shall accompany the body. The police were directed to maintain the law and order situation there.

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