Sunday, October 8, 2017

Trichy St.Joseph College goes against truth with False fake claims to Malaign Ancient Tamil community

Christians Outsiders who rule India looted India.
Christian British loot in India is estimated at 600 Lakh Crores on Today's money value.
Christian British killed more than 10 Crore Indians by poor administration by man made famines,but using fake research they created Aryan - Dravidian divide and tell false stories. Now a exibition at Trichy St.Joseph college tells full lies. St.JOSEPH COLLEGE MUST BE NATIONALISED.

St.Joseph College has very poor track record - and known for scams as below 
RECTOR WAS Killed in a suspecious way.

Principal Rajarathinam is reportedly raped a Nun 

Image result for பலான பாதிரிகள் 


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