Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jihadi Hizb chief Syed Salahuddin hails militants, cops rescue his son during J&K op

Feb 26 2016 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Hizb chief hails militants, cops rescue his son during J&K op

Salahuddin's Son Works At EDI Building Which Was Attacked By Terrorists
While Pakistanbased militant conglomerate United Jihad Council chief Syed Salahuddin praised the three slain Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists for giving “a tough fight“ to the security forces during the 48-hour Pampore encounter, para-military forces rescued his younger son Syed Mueen, a computer analyst at Entrepreneurship Development Institute, when the terrorists stormed the building Saturday last.The security forces, in a dramatic mission, saved Mueen along with more than 100 other EDI employees from the terrorists who were intent on taking hostages. Six people, including two Army captains, two CRPF jawans, and a civilian were killed in the encounter.
Mueen, 31, is Salahuddin's youngest son, and all his sons and daughters work in differ ent government departments.In fact, soon after the Army called off the Pampore encounter on Monday with the killing of the three LeT terrorists, Salahuddin in a statement praised the support of Pampore's people to the militants and also announced a “top gallantry award, Hilal-e-Shuja,“ for them.
IG, Kashmir range, Mujataba Gillian told TOI that Mueen was one of the staff members rescued by the police when the terrorists attacked the EDI building. Mueen said he was not harassed by security forces or the police when they learnt about his being son of Salahuddin, who is also Hizbul Mujahideen commander.
“They treated me like they treated other staffers during the operation. The security forces along with police rescued us from the building so that we were not caught in the crossfire. However, a gardener, Ghulam Gani Mir, was killed during the rescue mission,“ Mueen told TOI. He said he was not questioned by the security forces even when they learnt of his identity . Salahuddin, 70, who crossed over to Pakistan in the1990s during the peak of militancy, remarried his body guard's wife after he was killed in a militant encounter.

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