Tuesday, February 23, 2016

US man held for clicking pics of Khajuraho using drone

Feb 24 2016 : The Times of India (Chennai)
US man held for clicking pics of Khajuraho using drone

An American tourist was on Tuesday found allegedly taking pictures of the world famous Khajuraho temples near here using a drone camera, police said on Tuesday .Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials lodged a complaint with police against the US national identified as Derek W Bassemir, seeking action against him under the Archaeological Monuments Site and Remains Act, 1958 for illegally taking pictures of the world heritage site using a drone.
“ASI staffers said that they caught Derek flying a drone from the rooftop of a hotel of the western group of the Khajuraho temples without permission,“ a police officer said.
The staff immediately rushed to the hotel, apprehended the American and seized his drone with remote. They told police that he had used the drone to take pictures of the site earlier also.
The ASI staff handed him over to police but he was later let off.

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