Monday, April 17, 2017


Considering the above facts, you may think the British Raj was not that bad for India. Or was it? Here are the reasons why the British Raj was bad for India.

Ruined our economy

The British, in the true sense of the word, looted India.
India was known as ‘sone ki chidiya’ (Golden Bird) once upon a time. Then, the British came and the bird flew away; or perhaps its gold turned into brass, whatever you prefer. India was extremely rich when Britishers arrived for trade. To put this into perspective, India accounted for 22% share of the world’s GDP when the Britishers’ arrived (the entire Europe accounted for only 23% at the time), and by the time Britishers’ left, India’s share in the global GDP was just 2%.
A number of things the Britishers crushed the Indian economy. Here are some of them:
  • Britishers sold India’s opium to China without giving any profits to the Indians.
  • India was the land for cotton, but the Brit took away cotton from India at throwaway prices and built the British textile industry. The whole Industrial Revolution in Britain was built on the graves of poor Indians.
  • Silk industry in India was ruined because of the lower quality silk sold by the British at cheaper rates.
  • Heavy Taxes and Revenues were laid upon the natives in order to fulfill the administration cost.
  • Time bound and excessive demand for revenues forced peasants to borrow money from money lenders, who exploited the peasants.
  • The cost of the English army was entirely thrown upon the revenues of India, and it amounted to £ 19,000,000 a year – an exorbitantly high and unjust amount.
  • Agriculture deteriorated because the British took away Indian lands and forced the farmers to grow products which would sell in England.

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