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Christian British systematically destroyed the then existing Hindu education system

 Christian British systematically destroyed the then existing Hindu education system
(Source: INDIA what can it teach us? Max Muller, p 231, n 44Ludlow (British India, I. 62)} writes:
In every Hindu village which has retained its old form I am assured that the children generally are able to read, write, and cipher; but where we have swept away the village system, as in Bengal, there the village school has also disappeared.
Elphinstone, Hist. of India, p 205- In Bengal there existed no less than 80,000 native schools.
Missionary Intelligencer, IX, 183-193,-According to Government Reports of 1835, there was a village school for every 400 persons.
Sir Thomas Munro: a higher rate than existed in India till very lately in most countries of Europe.

What does this all mean? That we have had our own Hindu education system prevalent all over the country, and the rate of education was better than that in Europe of that time.

Notice the year 1835 mentioned in the Missionary Intelligencer. This much had survived through barbaric (an adjective given by Christian historians) Muslim destructions and also so-called civilized (?) Christian destructions.
Visualize how glorious would have been the situation prior to destructions. Today we speak of illiteracy amongst the masses. Where did it come from just within one century (1835-1947)?

Whose gift it is? Who else but the ChristianBritish! They made the major part of the nation illiterate and you credit them for having given us education? Are you out of your mind?

Or, are you simply ignorant? And, why are you ignorant of the facts? Isn’t it because these hard facts have been withheld from you with a purpose?

And you had no clue that you had been kept in dark deliberately? Wouldn’t you agree that this fits the dictionary definition of a conspiracy where something significantly harmful was done to the whole society and the facts were hidden from them?

I have heard someone say this all is common knowledge. That person thinks that he and those like him know, and that represents common knowledge, not a hidden fact.

He does not care to total the number of such people, who may turn out to be in thousands or even Lakhs, and then if he divides their impressive number by one billion Hindus, what percentage would he arrive at?

On one hand he speaks of current illiteracy (think what would have been the situation when ChristianBritish left in 1947) and on the other hand he refuses to accept this as a conspiracy against the nation and the society as a whole.

Minds of the Christian Educated people have been enslaved to such an extent that they must stand up in defence of their bygone masters but not for their lost heritage!

Source: INDIA what can it teach us? Max Muller, p 57
Sir Thomas Munro: a good system of agriculture, unrivalled manufacturing skill, a capacity to produce whatever can contribute to either convenience or luxury, schools established in every village for teaching, reading, writing, and arithmetic So, the illustrious Governor of the then Madras Presidency vouched for the fact that we did have schools established in every village and they taught not only how to read and write but also arithmetic.

The Christian British destroyed that infrastructure with an ulterior motive to be able to keep this Hindu nation enslaved forever but today, these Hindu students beat those ChristianBritish hollow in arithmetic on international platforms. The conspiracy could not wipe out the talent from their Hindu genes. Do not confuse them with Indian genes. I am speaking of Hindu genes.

Source- That Unknown Face of Christianity-Maanoj Rakhit

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