Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Poorest Countries with maximum Christians.

Christianity is a religion of Savage accepting worship of a Dead man, ghosts, ancestors and ancestor (Saints) and everything but God.

CountriesChristians %Population below poverty line
BoliviaChristians 100 %Population below poverty line: 64%
HondurasChristians 100%Population below poverty line: 53%
PanamaChristians 100%Population below poverty line: 37%
VenezuelaChristians 98%Population below poverty line: 47%
HaitiChristians 96%Population below poverty line: 80%
EcuadorChristians 95%Population below poverty line: 45%
MexicoChristians 95%Population below poverty line: 40%
ArgentinaChristians 94%Population below poverty line: 44.3%
RwandaChristians 93.5%Population below poverty line: 60%
East TimorChristians 93%Population below poverty line: 42%
PhilippinesChristians 92.5%Population below poverty line: 40%
GuatemalaChristians 90%Population below poverty line: 75%
NamibiaChristians 90%Population below poverty line: 50%
ColumbiaChristians 90%Population below poverty line: 55%
El SalvadorChristians 83%Population below poverty line: 36.1%
PeruChristians 83%Population below poverty line: 54%
South AfricaChristians 79.7%Population below poverty line: 50%
ZambiaChristians 75%Population below poverty line: 86%
ZimbabweChristians 75%Population below poverty line: 70%
BotswanaChristian 71.6%Population below poverty line: 47%
BurundiChristian 67%

Other Poor countries

Based on the top 10 poorest countries in the world, there is no convincing correlation between the Roman Catholic Church and a nation being poor. 

1. Sierra Leone 
60% Muslim, indigenous beliefs 30%, Christian 10% 

2. Tanzania 
Muslim 35%, Indigenous beliefs 35%, Christian 30%, 

3. Ethiopia 
Muslim 45%-50%, Ethiopian Orthodox 35%-40% 

4. Cambodia 
Buddhist 95% 

5. Congo, Democratic Republic of the 
Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 20%, Kimbanguist 10%, Muslim 10% 

7. Rwanda 
Roman Catholic 56.5%, Protestant 26%, Adventist 11.1%, Muslim 4.6% 

8. Comoros 
Sunni Muslim 98% 

9. Burundi 
Roman Catholic 62%, indigenous beliefs 23%, Protestant 5% 

10. Eritrea 
Muslim, Coptic Christian, Roman Catholic, Protestant 

10. Yemen 
Muslim including Shaf'i (Sunni) and Zaydi (Shi'a), small numbers of Jewish, Christian, and Hindu

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