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JESUS was Son of David- Know DAVID

Matthew gospel tales gives a list to prove Jesus was "Son Of David" and Luke gives a Contrasting Ancestor list but proving the same David Line. 

Matthew 1:1 A record of the genealogy of Jesus the son of David, the son of Abraham 

Romans 1:3 . As a human, he was born from the family of David

Matthew 21: 9 The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted, "Hosanna to the Son of David!" "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Hosanna in the highest heaven!"

  தாவிதை நாம் அறிவோம்                             Bethsabha 

The Country was in war, and King David abducts Wife of Soldier Uria and Kills Soldier Uria, who was in Vow for "lord, the god of Israel".

2 Samuel 11:In the spring, when kings go out to war, David sent Joab, his officers, and all the Israelites out to destroy the Ammonites. Joab’s army surrounded their capital city, Rabbah. David stayed in Jerusalem. One evening he got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of his house. From there he saw a woman bathing. She was very beautiful, so David sent for his officers and asked them who she was. An officer answered, “That is Bathsheba, daughter of Eliam. She is the wife of Uriah the Hittite.” David sent messengers to go and bring Bathsheba to him. She had just purified herself after her monthly time of bleeding. She went to David, he had sexual relations with her, and then she went back to her house.Later, Bathsheba became pregnant. She sent word to him saying, “I am pregnant.”

David Tries to Hide His Sin

David sent a message to Joab. “Send Uriah the Hittite to me.” So Joab sent Uriah to David. When Uriah came, David asked him how Joab was, how the soldiers were, and how the war was going. Then David said to Uriah, “Go home and relax.” So Uriah left the king’s palace. The king also sent a gift to Uriah. But Uriah did not go home. He slept outside the door of the king’s palace, as the rest of the king’s servants did. 10 The servants told David, “Uriah did not go home.” Then David said to Uriah, “You came from a long trip. Why did you not go home?” 11 Uriah said to David, “The Holy Box and the soldiers of Israel and Judah are staying in tents. My lord Joab and my lord’s officers are camping out in the field. So it is not right for me to go home to eat and drink and sleep with my wife. As surely as you live, I will not do this.” 12 David said to Uriah, “Stay here today. Tomorrow I will send you back to the battle.” Uriah stayed in Jerusalem until the next morning. 13 Then David called Uriah to come and see him. Uriah ate and drank with David. David got him drunk, but Uriah still did not go home. That evening, Uriah again slept at the palace with the rest of the king’s servants.

David Plans Uriah’s Death

14 The next morning David wrote a letter to Joab and made Uriah carry the letter. 15 In the letter David wrote: “Put Uriah on the front lines where the fighting is the hardest. Then leave him there alone, and let him be killed in battle.” 16 Joab watched the city and saw where the bravest Ammonites were. He chose Uriah to go to that place. 17 The men of the city came out to fight against Joab. Some of David’s men were killed. Uriah the Hittite was one of them. 

David - with Bathsheba wife of Uria brings King Solomon who as per Biblical Tales 

1 Kings 4:29  29 God made Solomon very wise. Solomon could understand more than you can imagine.  
34 People from every nation came to listen to Solomon’s wisdom. Kings all over the world sent their people to listen to him.

David act like a Local Rowdy element and kills Nabal and marries his wife Abigail

1 Samuel 25:2There was a very rich man living in Maon. He had 3000 sheep and 1000 goats. That man was in Carmel taking care of some business. He went there to cut the wool from his sheep. This man’s name was Nabal.[b] He was from Caleb’s family. Nabal’s wife was named Abigail. She was a wise and beautiful woman
David’s men went to Nabal. They gave his message to Nabal, 10 but Nabal said, “Who is David? Who is this son of Jesse? There are many slaves who have run away from their masters these days. 11 I have bread and water, and I have the meat I killed for my servants who cut the wool from my sheep. But I won’t give them to men I don’t even know.”
23 Just then Abigail arrived. When she saw David, she quickly got off her donkey and bowed down with her face to the ground in front of him.24 Abigail fell at his feet and said, “Sir, please let me talk to you. Listen to what I say. Blame me for what happened. 25 I didn’t see the men you sent. Sir, don’t pay any attention to that worthless man, Nabal. His name means ‘Foolish,’ and that is what he is. 26 The Lord has kept you from killing innocent people. As surely as the Lord lives and you as well, may your enemies and anyone else who wants to harm you be as cursed as Nabal is. 27 Now, I am bringing this gift to you. Please give these things to your men. 28 Please forgive me for doing wrong. I know the Lord will make your family strong because you fight his battles. People will never find anything bad about you as long as you live. 29 If someone chases you to kill you, the Lord your God will save your life. But he will throw away your enemies like a stone from a sling. 30 The Lord promised to do many good things for you, and he will keep his promises. He will make you leader over Israel. 31 So don’t do anything that would make you guilty of killing innocent people. Please don’t fall into that trap. Please remember me when the Lord blesses you.” 32 David answered Abigail, “Praise the Lord, the God of Israel. Praise God for sending you to meet me. 33 God bless you for your good judgment. You kept me from killing innocent people today. 34 As surely as the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, if you hadn’t come quickly to meet me, not one man in Nabal’s family would have lived until tomorrow morning. But the Lord prevented me from hurting you.” 35 Then David accepted Abigail’s gifts. He told her, “Go home in peace. I have listened to your request, and I will do what you asked.”

Nabal’s Death

36 Abigail went back to Nabal, who was in the house. He had been eating like a king, and he was drunk and feeling good. So Abigail told Nabal nothing until the next morning. 37 The next morning, Nabal was sober, so his wife told him everything. He had a heart attack and became as stiff as a rock.  38 About ten days later, the Lord gave him a stroke and Nabal died.
39 When David heard that Nabal was dead, he said, “Praise the Lord! He judged Nabal to be wrong for insulting me and kept me from doing something wrong. The Lord made Nabal pay for what he did.” Then David sent a message to Abigail and asked her to be his wife. 40 His servants went to Carmel with this message, “David sent us to get you. He wants you to be his wife.” 41 Abigail bowed her face to the ground. She said, “I am willing to be your slave woman, even if it is only to wash the feet of my master’s servants.” 42 Abigail quickly got on a donkey and brought five of her maids with her. They followed David’s messengers. So Abigail became David’s wife.

David kills 200 Philistines and took Fore Skin of Male Pennys to marry King Saul's wife, but she was married to another man, still David abducts her.

2 Samuel 3:13 13 David answered, “Good! I will make an agreement with you. But I ask you only one thing: I will not meet with you until you bring Saul’s daughter Michal to me.” 14 David sent messengers to Saul’s son Ish Bosheth. David said, “Give me my wife Michal. She was promised to me. I killed 100 Philistines to get her.” 15 Then Ish Bosheth told the men to go and take Michal from a man named Paltiel son of Laish. 16 Michal’s husband, Paltiel, followed them, crying all the way to Bahurim. Finally, Abner said to him, “Go back home.” So Paltiel went back home.

What does Moses Law says about David's crime

Deuteronomy 22:22  “If a man is found having sexual relations with another man’s wife, both of them must die—the woman and the man who had sexual relations with her. You must remove this evil from Israel.

LORD did not apply Moses Law, but David gets over all these Sins by Dancing Naked on street where other Men and women saw to PLEASE "god of Israel, the lord" 

2 Samuel 6:20 David went back to bless his house, but Saul’s daughter Michal came out to meet him. She said, “The king of Israel did not honor himself today! You took off your clothes in front of your servants’ girls. You were like a fool who takes off his clothes without shame!”
21 Then David said to Michal, “The Lord chose me, not your father or anyone from his family. The Lord chose me to be leader of his people, the Israelites. So I will continue dancing and celebrating in front of the Lord. 22 I might do things that are even more embarrassing! Maybe you will not respect me, but the girls you are talking about are proud of me!” 

Moses Law was given Later, but Lord killed ER & Onan, but after law was given not David- why?

Genesis 38:7 Er did many bad things. The Lord was not happy with him, so the Lord killed Er. Then Judah said to Er’s brother Onan, “Go and sleep with your dead brother’s wife. Become like a husband to her. If children are born, they will belong to your brother Er.” Onan knew that the children from this union would not belong to him. He had inserted Pennis in Sister in Law Tamar and had sexual relations with Tamar,  but he did not let Sperms in her. 10 This made the Lord angry. So Lord  killed Onan also.

If David was like this Let us see another son Absalom of David as per Lord's Prophet Advise.

 2 Samuel 16
 2 Samuel 16:20 Absalom said to Ahithophel, “Please tell us what we should do.” 21 Ahithophel said to Absalom, “Your father left some of his slave women here to take care of the house. Go and have sexual relations with them. Then all the Israelites will hear how you humiliated your father, and they will be encouraged to give you more support.” 22 Then they put up a tent for Absalom up on the roof of the house. Absalom had sexual relations with his father’s wives] so that all the Israelites could see what happened. 23 So in those days Ahithophel’s advice was very important. Both David and Absalom accepted his advice as though it were the word of God.

Jesus was son of David- a SAVAGE PEOPLE'S TALES

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