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Devaluing Hindu Institutions-A Christist conspiracy

 Devaluing Hindu Institutions-A Christist conspiracy

via S V Badri published on July 26, 2006
Background: Successive Popes have given their clarion call to target Hindu India. Hindus are reduced to mere harvest fields. 

Our Vedas are usurped. Our Sastras are mis-interpreted. Re-written selectively, to mislead the uninitiated to the mythical Jesus. Jesus is equated to our Vedic core. False parallels are drawn where no such parallels exist. Our religious and cultural dance forms like the Bharathanatyam is sullied, removing Bharatha and Nataraja; the heart and soul of the Natyam; replacing Them with the cross born as the greatest sinner of all, the mythical messiah of immaculate conception. Our most revered Gods and Godesses are seen through the eyes of the Jesus as the Jesuit like Francis Xavier Clooney would want us. Mariamman, Sri, Ambal are re-writen as manifestations of Mary. The “Avatars” of Mary. Each Hindu word of reverence to our Gods is appropriated. Churches suddenly become “Devalayams” or “Prarthana Mandirams”. “Bible” becomes “Veda Pustakam”. “Girivalam”  the practice of “Parikrama” around our sacred hills is duplicated with hundreds of neo-converts circumnavigating newly built “Velankanni” shrines atop illegally occupied hilly forests.They even carry “Kavadi” like Muruga Bhaktas, except that they carry these to the Yesu of Mark’s dreams and imagination. In Vijayawada, there is even a “Mary matha Aalayam” atop Gunadala hill competing with our “Ma Kanaka Durga” for the devout to offer their “mundan”. Christist Schools have started “VidyArambam “, except that there is no Saraswathi but Mary or a Velankanni to offer pujas in the pursuit of Vidya. They even duplicate our Mandir Car festival with a version of their own – Velankanni or Jesus atop a car drawn by the neo-convert hallelujas in places like Tiruchendur and Nagercoil. These are highly thought out plans of sensitising the falliable Hindus to christism with a gradient plan of de-hinduisation.

Today, the evangelists have a never-before freedom to proselytise.

For, they have the blessings of the most powerful Antonia ‘Mary’ Maino.

And a turbaned-Napunsak government that is eager to bear her cross, with the full length turban for blinkers.

Our Hindu Institutions, our belief systems, our unshaken faith in our Acharyas and our Bhagawans and our inseparable twins, Hindu religion and Bharatiya culture, have always remained a thorn in the flesh of these conspirators against our Dharma. Generations of evangelists have been trying hard to rattle our belief systems. Carefully planting seeds of suspicion in the gullible mind. The conversions through means of allurement, deceit, fear of damnation thrown in good measure into the minds of the innocent, force, marriage, inducements, bogus miracle claims, education, hospitals, orphanages and the so-called services, employment; have all managed to swell their numbers. The church’s conversion factories have started reporting better OPE with the advent of Antonia Mary Maino as the power centre and the DE-facto CEO of India Inc. And with her being the most powerful person in the country, daring attacks on the Hindu institutions have begun. If the Islamists attack our institutions with the bombs the christists do it through their well crafted cunningness. The target of both these aggressive marauders is the innocent and weaponless Hindu, who continues to say “Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha”, forgetting the latter half of the Bhagawan’s statement – “Satya Himsa Tataivaca” . The christist-communist-Goebbelsian media will always be ever willing to do their bidding in their Hindu-bashing.

I have ventured to examine at some length, how these anti-national forces, who masquerade as evangelists, are brazenly involved in devaluing some of our most revered Institutions and our lack of understanding and equally inept or no response to such acts.

I am taking just these three Hindu Institutions to advance my argument:
1. The Tirumala Mandir
2. Kanchi Acharya, an institution in Himself, his Arrest and the crippling of his Matham and the sexual innuendos
3. The Sabarimala Ayyappan Mandir and the sexual innuendos

Before I actually go into the subject matter, I should introduce you to two lively characters who have played larger than life roles. One who started as a professional actor in her life and continues to act a role of a politician and the other, her astrologer. The typical Rajah and the Rajah guru of a B Grade Tamil movie of yesteryear.


While the christists are behind each of these four conspiracies on the HIndu Dharma, I see this Unni character featuring in all the three onslaughts on the Hindu Dharma. I sometimes wonder if this is more than a coincidence and leave the choice to the reader if he has been used as a pawn by the christists or have they won him over to do their bidding. I think I have to ask him to conduct a “Deva Prasnam” on this question to find the real answers, if he can get one. I dared to bring his name out because to me his presence in all the above “controversies” is more than just a “coincidence”. And I am compelled to go public with his name because he did go public with his “findings” instead of taking them up “in camera” with the concerned institutions, as a true Hindu, who is interested in preserving our Hindu Dharmic institutions. I now have serious doubts on his intentions and even the results of his “experiments in truth” that have become tools in the hands of atheists, commies  who today occupy our Devasthanams and Devaswom Boards.

Parappanangadi Unnikrishna Panicker is “considered” an expert in ‘Deva Prasnam’ and operates from a village named Parappanangadi in Kerala. Let me explain for the benefit of those uninitiated, that ‘Deva Prasnam’ is a classic form of asking the Bhagawan questions and getting the right set of answers and this form has origin in Kerala, with most ‘experts’ coming out from this land of Parasurama. This often involves a group of “experts” in a team, each one contributing his “knowledge” with someone like Unni as the moderator giving the final summation of “divine results” from such a divine inquiry called the Deva Prasnam. Being popular, he even has the ‘veto’ power to negate certain claims made by other members of his team.

Panicker struck gold when he was brought to the larger-than-life presence of Jayalalithaa. He became powerful and famous overnight with Jayalalithaa seeking his opinion on various issues, both personal and political. His fame sored up to such dizzy heights that he was the most sought after man for all those who wanted to have Jayaa’s ear. It is widely talked about that he charges upward Rs.200,000 per prasnam these days. And it was passionately debated as to who was close to Jaya, Sasi? or Unni?


A few years back he conducted a Deva Prasnam in Tirumala. And this lead to days of showdown between two respected and revered Religious leaders of our Dharma, the Kanchi Acharya and the Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swami. The Bhaktas picked up from where the Swamis left and a million heated words on websites and the Press and TV sound bytes, gladdened the hearts of the commies, atheists and seculars while the christists stood applauding the Shaiva- Vaishnava struggle for supremacy. The Hindus stood divided, as always. The matter was worsened with each commie/christist backed TV channel stoking the ambers. Until I and a great friend stepped in to try and diffuse the tensions that was threatening to divide the Hindu society on the lines of Shivites and Vaishnavites. I am not getting into the mechanics of our efforts, as I have neither the permission of both the Acharyas nor is the material required for this piece of inquiry. However, we have been blessed by both the Acharyas through the abrupt stoppage of the war or words from both the sides of Bhaktas with the removal of attrition, from the very next day of our effort in this issue. The Press too lost interest in the issue. 

That the Prasnam and the “results” announced publicly has been the key factor for this undesirable attrition, is no secret to a careful follower of current affairs.  That this lead to Tirumala being the target for atheists, commies, seculars and christists alike is no secret. And none can discount the role of Bhagawan Balaji in retaining even his poorest Bhaktha in the fold of Hindu Dharma. Therefore, it is no wonder that His institution has been on the draft board of the christists for many years now.


It is said that there was a stage in her life when she would not even sneeze without consulting Unnikrishna Panicker. And I have an unimpeachable source that confirmed to me that her close aide, Sasikala visited Panicker one week before the actual arrest of Kanchi Acharya to make a “divine inquiry” if His arrest would bring her government down and if there would be any repurcussions from the Hindu Samaj. Panicker gave the green signal and the she carried out the brutal assault on one of our most revered institutions, the Kanchi Acharyas and the Kanchi Matham. I am under an oath not to disclose this source and you will have to take my word for it or feel free to take this as my figment of imagination.


Jayalalithaa is a product of the well known Sacred Heart Matriculation school, Chennai, conducted by the famous Presentation
Sisters of Church Park. Bro. Berchmans asks the question: Had Jayalalithaa become a nun, would that have brought any positive change in her life? Good question, ain’t it? Try searching for an answer in the following link:

Let us see how in my opinion the christists manipulated Jayalalithaa and she succumbed to their guile.

The early and open wooing of Jayalalitha started with naming a street in USA after her.

Monument for Jayalalithaa proposed in Wisconsin. 

Chicago Street Named after Jayalalitha 
by Nand Kapoor, Chicaho Bureau Chief
Chicago, April 29 – On April 27 ’96,

The Dr. J. Jayalalitha Way on Devon Avenue from Broadway to Lakewood Avenue was unveiled & dedicated with an Inter-Faith Prayer and an impressive community rally. Dr. J.Jayalalitha Way is located at a major intersection in the Northside of the City of Chicago where major roads, Broadway Avenue, Devon Avenue and North Sheridan meet. The Dr. J. Jayalalitha Way is the first portion of the long winding West Devon Avenue which bears Honorary street designations for Mahatma Gandhi, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Golda Mier (Ex Israeli Prime Minister), at different segments of the Avenue. 


One is now familiar of her being given the “most prestigious” award – the Thanga Tharagai or the Golden Star Award. Millions of posters were pasted all over Tamil Nadu hailing her as “Golden Star” Amma or “Thanga Tharagai”  Idaya Deivam etc.,

What is the origin of this Thanga Tharagai award and who are the persons behind it? And why should they suddenly cosy up to Jayalalithaa? Just keep in mind that this was the time the TN Forcible Conversion Act was in place and there was no talk of repealment by the government.

To get a logical answer to this, one must honestly look into the Presidential elections in Ukraine. What has the election of President of Ukraine to do with the Golden Star Award to Jayalalithaa? I can sense you questioning me about this. Patience, my friend, Patience.

The Bush Administration in USA wants a pliable president in the Ukraine. They consider it important to their affairs and what do they do? They locate a pliable candidate, Viktor Yushchinko . And decide to prop him up. So how do they go about funding his elections to the Presidency of Ukraine? Simple, they choose Poland as the medium. Why Poland? The former Pope is from Poland, stupid. This “initiative” is called as the Poland-America-Ukraine Cooperation Initiative (PAUCI), which is administered by the US based Freedom House and funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID). Millions of dollars was granted by USAID to PAUCI in Poland. And PAUCI sent these funds to numerous Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Ukraine and needless to say that these NGOs acted on the behest of US government to get their candidate elected as the President.

Take a look at this:

On 7 December 2004,   U.S. Congressman Ron E. Paul made this statement before the House of Representatives International Relations Committee.How did this one-sided US funding in Ukraine come about? While I am afraid we may have seen only the tip of the iceberg, one part that we do know thus far is that the US government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), granted millions of dollars to the Poland-America-Ukraine Cooperation Initiative (PAUCI), which is administered by the US-based Freedom House.

PAUCI then sent US Government funds to numerous Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This would be bad enough and would in itself constitute meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. But, what is worse is that many of these grantee organizations in Ukraine are blatantly in favor of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko. 

Consider the Ukrainian NGO International Centre for Policy Studies. It is an organization funded by the US Government through PAUCI, but on its website you will find that the front page in the English section features a prominent orange ribbon, the symbol of Yushchenko’s party
and movement. Reading further on, we discover that 
this NGO was founded by George Soros’s Open Society Institute. And further on we can see that Viktor Yushchenko himself sits on the advisory board!  

And this NGO is not the only one the US government funds that is openly supportive of Viktor Yushchenko. 
The Western Ukraine Regional Training Center, as another example, features a prominent USAID logo on one side of its website’s front page and an orange ribbon of the candidate Yushchenko’s party and movement on the other. By their proximity, the message to Ukrainian readers is clear: the US government supports Yushchenko.

The Center for Political and Law Reforms, another Ukrainian NGO funded  by the US government, features a link at the top of its website’s front page to Viktor Yushchenko’s personal website. Yushchenko’s picture is at the top of this US government funded website.

That May, the Virginia-based 
Private Management Consultancy Development Associates, Inc., was awarded $100 million by the US government for strengthening national legislatures and other deliberative bodies worldwide. According to the organization’s website, several million dollars from this went to Ukraine in advance of the elections .

As I have said, this may only be the tip of the iceberg. There may be many more such organizations involved in this twisted tale.

There has been a blackout in the American media about his statement. Instead, they have been focussing mostly on an alleged poisoning of the pro-Western candidate. If there is any side that will benefit most from the poisoning, it is the United States. It is probable they
poisoned their own candidate. The Cold War may be officially over. But as long as Russia remains a challenge to American power, the bleeding without fighting will continue.

What is relevant to us is that

1. USA wanted Viktor Yushchenko elected as President of Ukraine.

2. The US Goverment floated PAUCI

3. Sent millions of dollars to it from USAID

4. PAUCI floated hundreds of NGOs in Ukraine to which these millions were distributed for “election duty”.

5. Coordinating the efforts was IHRDC (International Human Rights Defence Committee) is one such NGO based in USA with Natalya Krivutsa a Naturalised citizen of USA, with a Ukraine background.

Now to the vital question: 

Who conferred the “Golden Star” or the “Thanga Tharagai” Award on Jayalalitha?

It is IHRDC (International Human Rights Defence Committee) headed by Natalya l Krivutsa.

It is claimed that this was a body under the United Nations (check the banners behind the photographs of the Awards function in Chennai). But the fact is that UN has nothing to do with this Organisation (Just check the UN website to find any relationshiip with this body – zilch) Bishop Mallawarappu Prakash, who is also associated with this NGO, as heading their office in India and with the Awarding of the Golden Star to Jayalalitha defended this saying that the website of the organisation shows that it is a UN organisation (can there be more silly argument than this?). It is like I can have my blogspot read, S V Badri, President of Chennai and won’t it sound silly !!!

Now take a look at the Award function photos in the AIADMK website:

On 10 Oct. 2004,  Ukraine delegates in city to honour Jaya
Ukraine delegates representing the International Human Rights Defence Committee (IHRDC) which has selected Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa for the Golden Star of Honour and Dignity Award, have arrived in Chennai. The IHRDC will present the award to the Chief Minister for her stellar role in gender equality and protection of weaker sections of society.

Now on to some simple questions that very badly need to be answered:

1. Who is Bishop Mallavarapu Prakash? Why was this Bishop Mallavarapu Prakash of Vijayawada  made head of the minorities welfare board in Tamil Nadu? Why not a muslim from Tamil Nadu? 

Bishop Mallavarapu Prakash was on the dais as India representative of IHRDC of Ukraine when the Golden Star (Thanga Tarakai) Award was presented in October 2004 and was made the State’s chairman of the Minorities Board, though he belongs to the neighbouring State, the State of Andhra Pradesh.

2. The timing of the Thanga Tarakai award is after withdrawing the Anti-conversion Act. Is there a connection between this withdrawal and the award? Some kind of a thanks-giving and an incentive for more action?

3.The award celebration was certainly paralleled by
(a) The tax payers’ money spent by Tamil Nadu Government on the 4 page Wall Street Journal advertisement eulogising the achievements of AIADMK government — the interview was conducted by Ms. Carlose Andrade of Times of India; and
(b) US State Dept. (Office of International Religious Freedom of the US State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor) is backing such conversion initiatives.  The last paragraph of this year’s report of USCIRF states that US embassy officials had been interacting regularly with TN Govt. state officials on the anti-conversion law and its reversal. (May 2004).

4.  There is an intricate web of a christist Prabhakar offering Bharat Jyoti Award from India International Friendship Society of USA, Bishop M. Prakash, IHRDC Ukraine, Natalya Krivutsa of USA, K.A. Paul coming in his private jet meeting CM and handing over unlisted materials post-Tsunami. The events take place in a suspicious order or sequence.

5. The take over of the Veera S’aiva (Lingayata) Matham in Kumbakonam on 16 Jan. 2005 and the crippling of the Kanchi Matham from Deepavali Day (November 2004).

All these lead one to wonder “is there any connection between the awards, the christists who were behind the awards and Jayalalithaa’s attacks on these Hindu institutions”? 

The advertisement in Wall Street Journal hailing Jayalalithaa should have cost a fortune for the TN Govt. See the ad (interview by Carol Andrade) at

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