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Christianity Growth- No Holy Spirit No- Divine Jesus.

Early 4th century the Population of Roman controlled land was around 6 Crores, and Christians was a big minority. Many Scholars have estimated that to a maximum of around 3- 10% of the total Population, but Romans like Hebrews had very little Historical sense to record the same. Roman Government accepted the Christian Religion as its official Religion and with in next 50 years it became 90 -95% of the Population. The Sword power was the Reason Christianity became huge. Let us look at Scholarly work concentrated on this.

 Looking at various datas, socialogical reasons, Archaeological datas, now there is slowly a concenses emerging and few books which helped in this are as below.  

Rodney Stark, The Rise of Christianity (1996)

 W.V. Harris, ed., The Spread of Christianity in the First Four Centuries: Essays in Explanation (2005). 

Ramsey MacMullen, Christianizing the Roman Empire 


The NT Collection Acts gives few Tales of Converson numbers   

Acts 1: 5  15 After a few days there was a meeting of the believers. There were about 120 of them.

When Illetreate Peter and Apostles spoke in Aramaic the listerner with the power of Holy Spirit got it in their own Languages in their ears, and seeing various magics many converted as said in the tale. 

Acts2:7They were all amazed at this. They did not understand how the apostles could do this. They said, “Look! These men we hear speaking are all from Galilee. 8.But we hear them in our own languages.

 41 Then those who accepted what Peter said were baptized. On that day about 3000 people were added to the group of believers.

The Story increases

Acts 4:4 But many of the people who heard the apostles believed what they said. There were now about 5000 men in the group of believers.

The Story increases again, Thousands in Jerusalem alone 

Acts 21:20 When the leaders heard this, they praised God. Then they said to Paul, “Brother, you can see that thousands of Jews have become believers, but they think it is very important to obey the Law of Moses.

Paul makes it very clear his target is only poor and illiterate. 

1 Corinthians 1:26 Brothers and sisters, God chose you to be his. Think about that! Not many of you were wise in the way the world judges wisdom. Not many of you had great influence, and not many of you came from important families. 

Roman- Jewish records does not show any huge population of Christians in any town or city even by end of 2nd century. 

A historical look as to how the early Christian Meetings and this goes clearly when Paul says you are not rich and educated.

“Early Christian meetings involved anarchic and undignified shoutings ans raving.  They worshipped a Jweish Healer who had been executed as a rebel against Rome and absurdly claimed that their dubious Holy man had come back to life again, had risen in to the Sky and would return at any momnent trailing celestical clouds of glory to found a Heavenly Kingdom on earth.   -page-17 The great religions – Richard Cavendish

 What is the Actual growth rate. 

Rodney Stark Estimated 1000Christians by 40CE and a growth rate of 3.4% per year reaching around 6million by early 4th century, and this is the response by VATICAN CHURCH HISTORIAN Bruce Malina.

Bruce Malina, who has argued that Stark’s estimated growth rate is too high: 220 bishops (so Henry Chadwick) attended the Council of Nicea called by Constantine in A.D. 325. These bishops functioned in a face-to-face society. Now in a face-to-face society the maximum number of persons with whom one can interact is ca. 4,000 (so the anthropologist, Jeremy Boissevain); hence, “scientifically” speaking (that is, mathematically), the number of Christians at the time of the Council of Nicea was ca. 880,000, the result of a growth rate of ca. 2.5 percent per year [hence Stark] postulates a growth rate that is exaggeratedly high. –— Bruce Malina, Book Review of Rodney Stark’s The Rise of Christianity, in The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 59 (1997): pp. 593-595.

We have seen Church Historian and Scholar - putting together gives 2.5% year from a base of 1000 by 40 CE

40 CE
50 CE
60 CE
100 CE
150 CE
200 CE
250 CE
300 CE
330 CE
400 CE


We See around 4000, out of 60 Million people fot the New cult, which proves there was no Miracle or Holy Ghost. 

In 313, the most severe of all the persecution was ended when Emperor Constantine became Christian.  The big minority rapidly swelled into big majority and 80 years later it had became practically illegal for a Citizen of Roman empire not to be Christian. One Hundred years after that the words Roman and Christian seems to have become inter-challengable.  Page-531; Vol-3; Chambers Encyclopedia

HISTORICAL JESUS Miracles and Holyg Ghost miracles that made spread like fire are are FICTIONS.

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