Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pattanam: ASI stops KCHR from any more Excavations

We have been pointing out KCHR Fraud claims by claiming artefacts from some pits of same heights of same area in Pattanam and saying to belong from 10th Century BCE to 10th Century CE.

Oxford  University to various other Western Universities were part of this KCHR - but Archaeological Survey of India ASI Ecperts were not part of excavtions. ASI had earlier done excavations in Kodungallur and surrounding area and Found First Human settlement takes place only in 9th Century CE,and Virgin soil below it. KCHR never referred this report and planted artifacts - but no Professional Archaelogist was convinced of its claims.
KCHR group of So called researchers who has not got a single proof for a port city, town or any such dwellings went on to Various churches and claimed that St.Thomas Hoax stories were Historical due to Pattanam Excavations, all these proved their Intentions and predetermined excavations.

Sep 20 2015 : Mirror (Bangalore) 
No more excavations at Pattanam: ASI
Archaeological Survey of India has denied permis sion to the Kerala Council of Historical Research for excavation at Pattanam, near Kochi, which they claim is the site of the ancient Muziris port, where it is widely believed that St Thomas, one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ, landed in 52 AD.
The decision was taken during the Central Advisory Board of the ASI's meeting on September 11-12.
Ostensibly, the reason stated for denying the permission is that as per Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Rules 1959, no excavation license for an area can exceed five years. KCHR has been excavating Pattanam village, 20 km away from Kochi, for the last nine years. However, sources within ASI confirm that the decision has been also prompted by a series of complaints and memoranda sent out to Culture Minister Dr Mahesh Sharma. Based on the complaints, an enquiry has also been ordered.
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"The excavations have already been going on beyond the prescribed time limit. There was considerable pressure," he said. Other than Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram Research Centre, ICHR (India Council of Historical Research) newly appointed members including Michel Danino, Professor Dilip K Chakrabarti and Professor C I Issac have objected to the excavations. Professor Chakrabarti had in his book "Nation First" requested the Government of India to intervene and take serious note of foreign interference in Pattanam project that receives funding from various international bodies.

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