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Pattanam Not Muzuris - 200 crore Public Money spent to prove the myth

Archaeological Survy of INDIA -KODUNGALLUR WAS UNDER SEA Till Early 9TH Century CE.

ASI Excavated Kodungallur in 1947, under P.Anujan Achan  and found articles of 14th century or later only. KERALA CHURCHMEN AND POLITCIANS put on pressure showing the above referred Copper plate and wanted ASI do more detailed Survey  Archaeological Survey of India under Highly Reputed Archaeologists Dr.K.V.Raman went for excavation , K.V.Raman and K.V.Saundararajan (1969-70). Archaeological sites such as  
Cheraman Parambu 
  Thrikkulasekharapuram etc.,  provided cultural remains of iron and copper tools, glass beads, semi precious stones, ceramics of dull red ware, celadon ware roof tiles, earthen lamps and coins. They are all dated between 900-1100 A.D...   

Dr.K.V.Raman wrote a book on his excavations in Tamil and has given details about Kodungallur excavations in each of his locations and all locations in and around Kodungallore (Cranganore) had same type and that Human Habitation took place in Later chera period in 9th Century CE Only and this is uniformly found in all locations. 

Archaeologist calls for excavations at KodungalloorKCHR has not come to any conclusion that Pattanam is Muziris. -     Prof K.N. Panikkar, chairman of KCHR

Prof K.N. Panikkar, chairman of KCHR, said that the tourism component has been included in the project to raise money for it.  He also said that KCHR has not come to any conclusion that Pattanam is Muziris.


Dissolve KCHR Take over Pattanam excavation by ASI - Dr N M Nampoothiri 

On 23 march 2004(one month before the starting of excavation by CHS), Shajan conducted an exhibition at Trivandrum with the help of KCHR. The media report goes thus:
”Pattanam near North Paravur was the ancient city of Muziris or part of Muziris according to geo-archaeological evidences unearthed during a study led by researcher K P..Shajan. The other members of the research team Included Roberta Tomber of the University of Southampton, V Selvakumar of the centre for historical study ,Thrippuuniththura, and Kerala Council of historical research Director Dr P J Cheriyan---.Fragments of Imported Roman amphora used for importing wine, and other materials Yemanese and west asian pottery, were found at Pattanam.The Indian roulette ware-----was also found.Bricks tiles pottery beads and artifacts found at pattanam were very similar to those found----at Arikkamedu.”
None of the places or structures hold any heritage factor of Muziris.They are all modern items compared to Muziris factors.
KCHR started their work in pattanam area only in 2007.Benny Kuriakose, an Engineer was given the charge of Muziris Heritage project by KCHR in 2006!. Now according to The Hindu, The excavations by KCHR were started in 2005!

“ He drew the muziris plan in 2006” media reports says. How can it is possible? He says that he started the project in 2008 with an aid of 41 crore rupees as central govt aid.In sept 2009 another allotment of 141 crore was made by Govt of Kerala.Hon: Finance minister of Kerala made this announcement :The Muziris Heritage project a unique tourism and conservation project linking monuments in the area surrounding the bygone 2000 year old Muzirisport will be opened to the public next month”

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