Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Indian Students must read Common Era CE And Christmas Myths

Common Era -We live in 2015 CE.


CE usually stands for "Common Era."

CE stands for "Before the common era."

Earlier the western Bloody European rule used BC & AD as Before Christ and Anna Domini.

Jesus of Bible is not a Historical Person and is not Christ. If Christ is born the world must end in his life time. Even with in the Jesus Fictions from Gospels there is not date for birth of Jesus.

As per Matthew Jesus was son of Mary and Joseph, Joseph was son of Jacob and 40th Generation from Abraham, and the family lived in Bethlehem. They left to Egypt fearing that King Herod would kill Children less than 2 years old. King Herod is dated died in BCE-4, Jesus of Matthew' must have born in 6BCE.
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As per Luke Jesus was son of Mary and Joseph, Joseph was son of Heli and 56th Generation from Abraham, and the family lived in Nazareth. They left to Bethlehem (said to be the town of Mythical King David) for a Census during the reign of Quirinius the Governor of Syria under whom Judea was. The Census was done in around CE8, as Judea came under Roman rule only in CE6. 
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The purpose of Census was for levying Tax based on Wealth and all must live where they have dwelling. Hence Luke's Story is rejected as clear fiction.

Vatican Pope removed Manger from Christmas celebrations here saying priority of Matthew's Gospel.

Vatican nativity does away with the manger

Biblical Fictions must be thrown out and all Indian History books of School and University must use CE & BCE as used by International Universities.

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