Sunday, December 27, 2015

Megalithic burial site found in Harur

DHARMAPURIA team of historians led by Dharmapuri district forest officer claimed to have stumbled upon the burial site that belongs to the megalithic period. The site was found when the team was taken inside the Eastern ghats of Sitteri hills in Harur taluk of Dharmapuri. 
The team headed by DFO Rama Subramanian went inside the Eastern ghats based on the information about mysterious structures found inside the forest. “The officials took us to the place where the megalithic burial site was found by the forest staffs during the combing operation. Our team after visiting the place confirmed it as the monument for the dead people of megalithic period,” said E. Thangamani, a teacher in the Santhapatti government school in Dharmapuri. “For the first time, the monument that looked like a barrel was recorded in Dharmapuri,” he explained. 
According to Thangamani, the monument was constructed by arranging rectangular shaped stones one above another and stands five-foot tall. The construction was made without using any cement like materials for holding the stones.
A few ‘Dolmens and Dolmenoid Cist’ were also found at the place where the barrel shaped ‘Cairn Circle’ megalithic structure was found in Sitter hills of Dharmapuri. “If a study was conducted about the site and the monuments found in the place, it would open new doors to the past” Thangamani said. 

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