Thursday, December 24, 2020

சிலுவை என்பதே ஆணுறுப்பின் மாற்று உருவமே -ஆண்குறி வழிபாடே


The Cross is a Symbol for the Penis and Testicles

Three is a magic number.
புதிய ஏற்பாடு கதைகளை உருவாக்கிய வாடிகன் சர்ச் முயூசியத்தில் - மத்தேயூ சுவிசேஷம்படி பரலோக சாவி வைத்துள்ள பேதுரு சிலை

 I have come to the conclusion and now believe that the Christian symbol of the cross is actually a subconscious projection of the penis and testicles. The number three is always relevant in religions from three headed dragons to the three fates and most importantly, the holy trinity. This idea has been in my mind for sometime, but digging more into the subject of psychoanalysis, and rediscovering Joseph Campbell, I have brought this idea to the forefront of my mind, and truly believe that the cross is something made up by men to symbolize their idea of mysticism. But if the Bible writers knew of Freud, they may re think their symbol. 

“And Abraham said to his servant, the oldest of his house, who had charge of all that he had, “Put your hand under my thigh: And I will make thee swear by the LORD, the God of heaven, and the God of the earth…”…”

This is one of many instances swearing on the penis is written in the Old Testament. In my journey to pick apart my own dreams to discover the realms of my subconscious, Ive come to learn psychoanalysis is largely driven by the urge for sex. Every thing I see seems to have latent sexual catalysts behind their development.


Telephone poles, skyscrapers, the wheel, the light bulb, the engine, statues, and so on. All of these creations are fruited, in my opinion, out of a subconscious projection of sex.

Knowing this, I think the idea of the holy trinity and the cross is just a bunch of confused, half neanderthals, reasoning for expressing their sexual desires.

Dont kill me now, TP

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