Sunday, December 20, 2020

கோந்தபோரஸ் (20–10 BCE) மன்னன் காசுகள்

கோந்தபோரஸ் (கொண்டபோரஸ்) மன்னன் காசுகள்


Gondophares I originally seems to have been a ruler of Seistan in what is today eastern Iran, probably a vassal or relative of the Apracarajas. Around 20–10 BCE, he made conquests in the former Indo-Scythian kingdom, perhaps after the death of the important ruler Azes  as viewed on 27.06.2019

As Senior points out,[8] this Gudnaphar has usually been identified with the first Gondophares, who has thus been dated after the advent of Christianity, but there is no evidence for this assumption, and Senior's research shows that Gondophares I could be dated even before 1 AD.

Abdagases I was the ruler between 46 to 60ceand his coin proves he was not converted

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